Activities and tourism in Nancy

Nancy is the right place to live in, full of history and surprising as its luxuriousness and its diversity are concerned.

Here, all is at human size. Everybody take time to live and everyplace is close by. Each part of nancy has its architectural particularity and its own ambience : the historical heart of city, the Feaubourg des 3 Maisons or Saint Léon which can be compared as small villages in the town, with their pavements, their wonderful residence, their shops and markets...

Nancy, city of History

Nancy is full of touristic and cultural places such as its heart of city referenced at the UNESCO program, the Old Town, its museums, its Art Nouveau heritage.

Of course, there is the unavoidable Place Stanislas, considered as one of the most beautiful place in the World. This square was created by King Stanislas who decided to modernise the city and took decision to link the medieval part to the New Town by a linked Square system.

In 2005, the Place Stanislas was restaured as its creation and the only way to visit it is by walking. No cars are allowed anymore. The Place d'Alliance and The Place de la Carrière are both integrated to the UNESCO program.

The whole 3 places makes you discover one of the most beautiful architecural jewel of the 18th century.

Don't miss the Old Town of nancy!!! With its close steets and its numerous beautiful residences, the former duc of Lorraine Palace (transformed into the actual Musée Lorrain), the old town is the first part built in Nancy. We can have a look at the former fortification which were part of the medieval city.

You will also find ther the Eglise des Cordeliers where are situated the shrines of the Ducs of Lorraine.

Place Stanislas

Nancy, city of Art and Culture

There are such numerous places classified historical monuments and the city is the one of the european born place of the Art Nouveau thanks to the Ecole de Nancy.

The Art movement of Ecole de Nancy is born during the annexation of Alsace and Moselle by the Kaiser in 1871.

Situated not far from the frontiere, nancy welcomed the most part of the intelligencia who was opposed to the annexation. The meeting of these architects, entrpreneurs and businessmen will be the start of the Ecole de Nancy represented by its icon : Emile Gallé, industrialist, glass maker, cabinetmaker and also ceramic specialist.

The Villa Majorel is the iconic place in nancy where you can find all the caracteritics of the Art Nouveau.

The Villa Majorel depends on the Ecole de Nancy Museum where the collections are the evidence of the diversity of technics (furnitures, glass, stained glass, leather, ceramic...) explained by the artists and where the former ambience is created.

Comtaporary art have its place also in the Poirel Gallery and its huge exposition space.

The cultural life of nancy is as intense: the national Opera, the symphonic and lyric orchestra, the balltes from the choreography national center, the Manufacture theater (Drama natinal center), l'Autre Canal (concert place) and also numerous little theaters...

Water garden

Nancy, city of gastronomy

nancy is well known also for its confectinnaries. You will find the Bergamote, delicious rectangular little candy with bergamote, fruit with a nearly lemon taste which comes from Sicilia (Italy), which belonged to René the 1st, Duc of Lorraine.

Is also attribuated to Nancy the mirabelle, the Saint-Epvre (delicious cake composed of 2 almond meringue discs filled with vanilla cream mixed with crushed nougatine), the Duchesse de Lorraine, the ginger breads, the cake of Nancy, the Stanislas babas... The sweet beaks have something to feast on!

But there isn't only sugar! There is of course the famous Quiche lorraine! You can also discover the litlle "pâtés lorrains" (made of meat marinated in white wine), the "bouchées à la reine", the local delicatessen, the "poté lorraine (cabbage, carots, sausages, meat) or also the choucroute!

Nancy, a green town

Nancy is an incredible town full of gardens and well furnished in flowers in its several squares and parcs. So, you will never be at more than 10 minutes of walking distance far from one of them.

The Botanic garden Jean-Marie Pelt is a hilly parc counting 12000 species referenced. It is one of the most important botanic garden of the country.

The parc de la Pépinière is situated in the city center and you can find there some english gardens.

The Sainte Marie Parc is reputed for its quietness and tranquility. There are small little forests all around which mitigate the noises of the city. Ths parc is the ideal place to relax.