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The Saint Nicolas Legend

we owe him tales, legends, traditions...

You certainly know that he brings presents to kids on Saint Nicolas day, on the 6th of December, but do you know his tale?
"This is the story of three children who were going gleaning to the fields..." Lost in the night, they ask a butcher to accomodate them. As they just entered in his home, the butcher killed them, cuted them and put them in a cellar. Seven years after, Saint Nicolas was strolling near that place and he went to the butchers' house. He insists to eat "petit salé" which was stored in the cellar. Litterally scared by that, the butcher ran away and Saint Nicolas resurrected the 3 children. Saint Nicolas is celbarted and its tale is told in every part of Lorraine country since the Middle Age. During your saty, don't miss visiting the town of Saint Nicolas de Port, situated 15 km far from Nancy, and sheltering one of the most beautiful basilic of France where the relics of saint Nicolas are conserved.
 40 €